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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(3月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>Bright Daylight

■3.1 (Thu)
Making time to be alone gives you a solution to change your current situation.


weekly lucky song>>Dandelion
リップスライム/RIP SLYME (2004/3/17)

■3.2 (Fri)
What you’ve cultivated will receive good feedback from your seniors.

■3.3 (Sat)
Travel a little further. A dramatic event may await you.

■3.4 (Sun)
A day filled with love. What you’ve given to others will equally return to you today.

■3.5 (Mon)
Beware of a sudden change in your condition. You’d better avoid a jam-packed schedule.

■3.6 (Tue)
It’s the time you start feeling light on your feet. Revise your future plans.

■3.7 (Wed)
Go home early today to make time to spend at home. Nurture your body and mind.

■3.8 (Thu)
Painful things may happen to you to let you notice something important.


weekly lucky song>>ultra soul

■3.9 (Fri)
It’s the time to reap the seeds you have sown. You will see the result of what you’ve put your efforts into.

■3.10 (Sat)
You hold strong admiration for transitory things, being in a romantic mood all day.

■3.11 (Sun)
Go to a place you don’t usually go, and you’ll get a sensation you’ve never had before.

■3.12 (Mon)
It’s a day to build a good relationship. You can finally share your long-kept feelings with the other.

■3.13 (Tue)
It’s time to review your career and set a new goal.

■3.14 (Wed)
It’s the day that you realize the importance of making steady effort.

■3.15 (Thu)
Make a cup of tea with high-grade tea leaves. A luxurious feeling will increase your motivation.


weekly lucky song>>Lotus

■3.16 (Fri)
Don’t work overtime today. Instead, go get a drink with your colleague to have fun.

■3.17 (Sat)
You will start an activity that will bring you a new circle of friends.

■3.18 (Sun)
Spending time with many friends is a key to bringing luck today.

■3.19 (Mon)
You tend to feel down today. Go home early to make time to get a recharge of energy.

■3.20 (Tue)
Today is a period of transition toward the next phase. Until then, take a little rest.

■3.21 (Wed)
You will be set free from a recent hazy feeling and get into motion.

■3.22 (Thu)
Today, you will be so powerful that you can exert all your strength.


weekly lucky song>>Namidairo

■3.23 (Fri)
Refresh yourself with the scent of flowers. It will blow away your mental fatigue.

■3.24 (Sat)
Even though there’s no obvious signs, you seem increasingly popular.

■3.25 (Sun)
If you aspire to be a person who helps others, such as a therapist, now is the time to make a move.

■3.26 (Mon)
A nostalgic melody on the radio will bring you back to those days.

■3.27 (Tue)
Make a list of ideas that could be useful for remodeling your room.

■3.28 (Wed)
Find a secret place as a hermitage for your soul.

■3.29 (Thu)
If you have a country you wish to visit, today is a good day to plan for it.


weekly lucky song>>Flavor Of Life
宇多田ヒカル/HIKARU UTADA(2007/2/28)

■3.30 (Fri)
Pour all of your energy into what you find fun, which will lead you to further joy.

■3.31 (Sat)
You will overcome the trouble at work. It will result in an improvement of your skill.

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