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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(3月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>Venus
タッキー&翼/TACKEY & TSUBASA(2006/1/18)

■3.1 (Thu)
You may receive an unexpected gift. Make good use of it for yourself.


weekly lucky song>>Keep Tryin'
宇多田ヒカル/HIKARU UTADA(2006/2/22)

■3.2 (Fri)
It’s a day that you can feel yourself growing as a result of your efforts.

■3.3 (Sat)
The time spent with your friends will bring you luck and a great day.

■3.4 (Sun)
You can easily make a connection today. Participate in gatherings actively.

■3.5 (Mon)
Review a shelved project and you can renew it.

■3.6 (Tue)
You feel a sense of confidence of having an increasing number of people on your side.

■3.7 (Wed)
It’s a wonderful day where you will realize afresh that you have trustworthy friends.

■3.8 (Thu)
You may take something new into your life, which may lead you to an unknown place.


weekly lucky song>>Roly-Poly

■3.9 (Fri)
You will be saved by words from your seniors. Take it gratefully.

■3.10 (Sat)
If you have any habits you want to get rid of, do not miss this timing.

■3.11 (Sun)
You will find a signal that shows you’re ready for career advancement.

■3.12 (Mon)
Get in touch with high-class things and expand your view.

■3.13 (Tue)
You will get information on good deals. Review your plan to increase your money luck.

■3.14 (Wed)
Have a slightly fancy meal at a luxurious place. Your beauty will be enhanced from within.

■3.15 (Thu)
If you get an opportunity that will bring in additional income, do it without hesitation.


weekly lucky song>>Pieces

■3.16 (Fri)
If you want to have lunch under a non-stressful environment, fast food may be a good option.

■3.17 (Sat)
It's a good time to start new activities or take new classes on social networking services.

■3.18 (Sun)
Why don’t you go cycling once in a while? Move your body and your soul will also be refreshed.

■3.19 (Mon)
Remodel your room and your office desk in a sophisticated way.

■3.20 (Tue)
Family-related places such as a grocery supermarket and “family restaurant” will bring you luck.

■3.21 (Wed)
The key to success is to enjoy everything. All you need is action.

■3.22 (Thu)
You will be happy to feel you are needed by many people.


weekly lucky song>>THE NEVER ENDING STORY

■3.23 (Fri)
If you have been paid no attention to housework, make it a top priority of today’s tasks.

■3.24 (Sat)
Treat yourself to fancy sweets in reward for your hard work.

■3.25 (Sun)
Today, you will regain a calm mind as your conflicted feeling is being resolved.

■3.26 (Mon)
Today, you should talk to people indirectly, rather than making it clear and direct.

■3.27 (Tue)
Find a rare recipe and try to discover new tastes.

■3.28 (Wed)
You can establish a solid position through deep interaction with people.

■3.29 (Thu)
Top-class people never miss doing a workout. Do research if you sign up to a gym.


weekly lucky song>>Nothing Without You
鈴木あみ/AMI SUZUKI(1999/2/17)

■3.30 (Fri)
You want to pursue your expertise. Find a place for further learning.

■3.31 (Sat)
The current phase of your career sees an end. It’s time to go to the next step with the experiences you gained.

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