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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(3月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>Jupiter
平原綾香/AYAKA HIRAHARA(2003/12/17)

■3.1 (Thu)
You may get a connection with the place you’ve wanted to visit. Make a travel plan.


weekly lucky song>>SUPER DELICATE

■3.2 (Fri)
If you are satisfied with your own work, reward yourself with a relaxing time.

■3.3 (Sat)
Challenge a variety of things as you have more energy to make action than usual.

■3.4 (Sun)
Your dream journal alerts you to the message from the future and opens your eyes to your subconscious.

■3.5 (Mon)
Many people will gather around you today. It’s a buzz, but it’s fun.

■3.6 (Tue)
You will receive an unexpected gift. Don’t forget to appreciate the blessing.

■3.7 (Wed)
A new, greater challenge is presented to you. Believe in yourself to overcome it.

■3.8 (Thu)
Take notice of the highly specialized knowledge buried deep inside you.


weekly lucky song>>Best Friend
西野カナ/KANA NISHINO(2010/2/24)

■3.9 (Fri)
You seem to get going and will dedicate all your strength today.

■3.10 (Sat)
It’s a good day to make travel plans. The beginning of your wonderful journey.

■3.11 (Sun)
Ask someone you can trust for advice on your future money plan.

■3.12 (Mon)
Organize your discount cards. Remove those you are not using from your purse.

■3.13 (Tue)
Days with a lot of travelling will finish soon. Do your best!

■3.14 (Wed)
Reply to messages and email quickly. If you miss the timing, you may forget to do so.

■3.15 (Thu)
Find things that ignite your interest and try them one by one.


weekly lucky song>>Love Story

■3.16 (Fri)
Tidy up your environment to increase fortune. Once you start, you can get it done more quickly than you thought.

■3.17 (Sat)
Don’t miss out on this chance to start something that would enrich your private life.

■3.18 (Sun)
If you find handy items at a DIY store, you should definitely get it.

■3.19 (Mon)
Today, you will feel you are completely in love with each other. A sparkling time will await you.

■3.20 (Tue)
You will have a series of fun events. But watch yourself so as not to walk on air.

■3.21 (Wed)
Your daily routine is in the spotlight. It’s time to change it for the better.

■3.22 (Thu)
You can try Chinese medicine to improve your health.


weekly lucky song>>Wanna Be With You

■3.23 (Fri)
You can get closer with each other when you go somewhere you can enjoy alone.

■3.24 (Sat)
Choose a date spot where you can have a good conversation to deepen your love for each other.

■3.25 (Sun)
The problem discouraging you from pursuing your goal will be solved.

■3.26 (Mon)
You will feel relieved to find the most comfortable place for you.

■3.27 (Tue)
You will be drawn into the world of entertainment and find a new self.

■3.28 (Wed)
Somebody’s story of failure that you heard at a meeting will save your day.

■3.29 (Thu)
Being busy to make money is your pleasure. Keep it in mind.


weekly lucky song>>So long !

■3.30 (Fri)
Your inherent sense will be recognized and highly appreciated by many people.

■3.31 (Sat)
The community you created with your friends will evolve into a rewarding place and be sent out into the world.

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