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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(12月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>Sweet Refrain

■12.1 (Fri)
Being helpful to others will bring you peace of mind today.

■12.2 (Sat)
You will find a kindred spirit in someone you met at a party. A new chapter might start.

■12.3 (Sun)
Today’s date is going to be romantic. Get yourself dressed up.

■12.4 (Mon)
If you earn extra money, save it and record it in a book.

■12.5 (Tue)
Prepare for major year-end cleaning. Particularly, arrange the collection of bulk trash in advance.

■12.6 (Wed)
You can get through almost anything as long as you adopt an easygoing attitude.

■12.7 (Thu)
Your ideas are becoming scattered. Don’t leave the matter to chance.


weekly lucky song>>you
倖田來未/KUMI KODA(2005/12/7)

■12.8 (Fri)
The stress you currently have in your work can be relieved by having sweet things.

■12.9 (Sat)
An encounter you’ve never experienced before may await you, which will tug at your heartstrings.

■12.10 (Sun)
You need to hold on a bit more. Build up stamina to get through today.

■12.11 (Mon)
It’s the time you can be active. You’ll find yourself finally get moving.

■12.12 (Tue)
Go get a massage if you feel overloaded with the recent busy days.

■12.13 (Wed)
Dispose of unnecessary things as soon as possible. Don’t carry them over to the next year.

■12.14 (Thu)
It’s a good time to be proactive. You may go wherever you want.


weekly lucky song>>BIRTH

■12.15 (Fri)
It’s the day that you will be motivated. An early year-end cleaning will proceed smoothly.

■12.16 (Sat)
Draw up a list of things to do by the end of year.

■12.17 (Sun)
It will be an awesome day surrounded by nice meals and gorgeous fashion.

■12.18 (Mon)
You will gain what you need according to your effort. Utilize a sound method.

■12.19 (Tue)
You can take initiative and remain responsible in your actions.

■12.20 (Wed)
It is a good idea to organize the record of your trips to various places.

■12.21 (Thu)
You may be bothered about not being able to express your heart. Take a deep breath first.


weekly lucky song>>BE WITH YOU

■12.22 (Fri)
Have a home party with your family members. Your mother’s cooking is the most powerful lucky charm.

■12.23 (Sat)
A casual party will bring you luck. Value your home base.

■12.24 (Sun)
You will receive and give love today. Enjoy the exchange genuinely.

■12.25 (Mon)
You'll spend time in a cheerful mood. It’s the day that you can feel a sense of warmth.

■12.26 (Tue)
Buy something for your pure joy. That will be your motivation for tomorrow.

■12.27 (Wed)
Beware of a sudden change in your condition. Take time to rest before it gets worse.

■12.28 (Thu)
You will get inspiration for a flower arrangement to welcome the New Year.


weekly lucky song>>Winter ~Winter Rose/Duet-winter ver.-~

■12.29 (Fri)
Shared interests help many things go along swimmingly.

■12.30 (Sat)
Don’t forget to extend year-end greetings. You can leave a good impression if you add your New Year’s resolution.

■12.31 (Sun)
Send a bouquet of flowers to yourself. You will feel warmth growing inside you.

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