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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(12月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>SO RIGHT
三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE/3rd GENERATION J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE(2013/12/4)

■12.1 (Fri)
Have a cup of herbal tea to soothe your frustrated mind.

■12.2 (Sat)
Go shopping and search for some health goods that cater to your needs.

■12.3 (Sun)
It’s a day that you feel like thinking about your life. But don’t think too seriously.

■12.4 (Mon)
An unfamiliar place will bring you luck today. You can travel a little further.

■12.5 (Tue)
Build the habit of exercise and, to begin with, keep it for a week.

■12.6 (Wed)
You will be impressed with the craft of master artisans. Discover the spirit of craftsmanship inside you.

■12.7 (Thu)
Don’t get desperate when things never work out as intended. Instead, make plans for tomorrow and beyond.


weekly lucky song>>from

■12.8 (Fri)
Say hi to the person you are interested in. It’s the day that you can get along well with people.

■12.9 (Sat)
Things you want to keep hidden might appear on the outside. Try always to be cool.

■12.10 (Sun)
Start decluttering unnecessary things for the year-end cleaning. Say goodbye to things that bring back sad memories.

■12.11 (Mon)
Today’s recommended look is the style with intelligence.

■12.12 (Tue)
You can get a better reputation if you have a supple mind. It’s the day that your natural appeal springs forth.

■12.13 (Wed)
You feel like running wild. Sometimes you need that kind of day.

■12.14 (Thu)
It’s the day you can grow what you’ve won by yourself. Your efforts will always pay off.


weekly lucky song>>Give Me Love

■12.15 (Fri)
Your brain is sharp today. Develop an idea to increase your assets.

■12.16 (Sat)
Maintain your wallet at the end of the day to keep it clean.

■12.17 (Sun)
Today, it’s vital to express yourself. You can catch someone’s attention.

■12.18 (Mon)
Transmitting useful information to others will increase your credibility.

■12.19 (Tue)
You can’t take a forward-looking attitude today. Don’t look away from the past but accept it.

■12.20 (Wed)
Ahead of a major cleaning, make a list of things to throw away by the end of year.

■12.21 (Thu)
It’s time that your family bonds grow deeper. Feel the need to return to your roots and make it solid.


weekly lucky song>>It Takes Two(It Takes Two/SOLID DREAM/MOVE ON)

■12.22 (Fri)
At a party, you will enjoy dancing and submerging yourself in a shower of sound.

■12.23 (Sat)
You will have pure fun today. The love and gifts surrounding you are also filled with joy.

■12.24 (Sun)
It seems better to go on a retreat today. You will find yourself smiling.

■12.25 (Mon)
You may have a hazy, halfway feeling. Get to bed earlier today.

■12.26 (Tue)
The busy days seem to slow down. Go home early and get rest.

■12.27 (Wed)
You can smoothly communicate what you’ve wanted to say today. Make use of this opportunity.

■12.28 (Thu)
Visit people who have supported you for a year-end greeting. It’s another secret to bringing luck.


weekly lucky song>>Bold & Delicious/Pride
浜崎あゆみ/AYUMI HAMASAKI(2005/11/30)

■12.29 (Fri)
Don’t cling to unnecessary things but discard them to refresh your mind.

■12.30 (Sat)
Polish your kitchen and bathroom, as well as the light bulbs in your house. You can expect that your luck will increase.

■12.31 (Sun)
How about crossing the year with a stylish western-style meal? Prepare a bottle of champagne, too.

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