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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(2月1日〜28日)



weekly lucky song>>Pray/Get Into A Groove
Every Little Thing(2000/1/1)

■2.1 (Thu)
Trust in your amiable personality. you should turn down favors which are too big in advance.


weekly lucky song>>PRIDE
HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR(2005/1/26)

■2.2 (Fri)
It’s the time that continued efforts in your passion start forming your characteristics.

■2.3 (Sat)
You will realize the importance of conversation today. Deep discussion will promote bonding.

■2.4 (Sun)
You may find a unique small item. Post its photo on social media and you will get many Likes.

■2.5 (Mon)
Your antenna is not working well today. Organize the messages in your mail box.

■2.6 (Tue)
Extend your support to your juniors. Your kindness will reassure them.

■2.7 (Wed)
Make time to be alone. How about dropping by a cafe after work and reading a book?

■2.8 (Thu)
Create an environment to gain a footing for your success. Also, charge your energy.


weekly lucky song>>a Day in Our Life

■2.9 (Fri)
You will be able to produce yourself well. Join tonight’s gathering with confidence.

■2.10 (Sat)
Visit a place where people gather. Your sparkle will gather everyone’s attention.

■2.11 (Sun)
If you are tired, you need to stop working yourself too hard and make time to relax.

■2.12 (Mon)
If you have any concern about your condition, it’s better to stay home today.

■2.13 (Tue)
Although you are usually a giver, today you become a taker. Just try it.

■2.14 (Wed)
If you have a chance to meet your client, bring some chocolates for them.

■2.15 (Thu)
You may get along with someone at your work, who will eventually get closer in private.


weekly lucky song>>Seven Deadly Sins

■2.16 (Fri)
You will have active exchanges among various people. Try hard to make a good first impression.

■2.17 (Sat)
An epiphanic event may happen, which gives you a feeling that the bond is going to grow deeper.

■2.18 (Sun)
If you change your hair style or color at a hair salon, your mind will also be refreshed.

■2.19 (Mon)
You feel like taking on a huge challenge. Give it a shot as you feel.

■2.20 (Tue)
You can perform brilliantly in tasks requiring speed. Your novel idea will bear fruit.

■2.21 (Wed)
Add some changes to your daily training routine. Accomplish a higher level rung.

■2.22 (Thu)
If you want to divert yourself, try a different aroma. You will find out your current state of mind.


weekly lucky song>>fragile/JIRENMA
Every Little Thing(2001/1/1)

■2.23 (Fri)
You should not be bound by your position or title, but aiming for a higher place itself is good.

■2.24 (Sat)
You will find an unexpected connection with an unexpected person. A surprising event may follow.

■2.25 (Sun)
Spend the day trusting your inspiration and remember how you feel then.

■2.26 (Mon)
Put a few drops of rose aroma oil into a bath to create a rich mood.

■2.27 (Tue)
It’s time to maintain yourself. Take a deep breath in your favorite aroma.

■2.28 (Wed)
You may be able to get what you’ve wanted. It will come to you without trying hard.

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