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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(2月1日〜28日)



weekly lucky song>>Dance My Generation

■2.1 (Thu)
You don’t need to cater to everyone’s preference. Define your own standard of what is fun.


weekly lucky song>>One Day,One Dream
タッキー&翼/TACKEY & TSUBASA(2004/2/11)

■2.2 (Fri)
You can be strict with yourself. But for that reason, you should be more aware of your condition.

■2.3 (Sat)
Stop blaming yourself. Everybody has inner conflict.

■2.4 (Sun)
When you spend time with your precious one, do not try to be cool but try to be yourself.

■2.5 (Mon)
A trouble may be solved if you judge it based on whether it’s win-win or not.

■2.6 (Tue)
You need to refresh your mind today. Release any attachment to old customs and make a new start.

■2.7 (Wed)
Put the past aside and give another go to what you want to do.

■2.8 (Thu)
Jealousy only degrades yourself.


weekly lucky song>>Promise You
SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y.(2013/1/23)

■2.9 (Fri)
Honesty is the key to inviting luck. Let you be yourself.

■2.10 (Sat)
Think of what is dragging on your way and how to remove it.

■2.11 (Sun)
Visit a long-established store and you will be able to orient yourself toward a goal.

■2.12 (Mon)
Spend a lot of time to slowly complete something.

■2.13 (Tue)
Plug away at your deskwork today. You will manage to finish on time.

■2.14 (Wed)
Give away many chocolates to friends. Also, use this festive mood to give chocolate to your sweetheart.

■2.15 (Thu)
Value the connection with your peers. A great time with friends may lead to a new discovery.


weekly lucky song>>Heart and Soul

■2.16 (Fri)
A planetarium is the right place to reflect on yourself, where you can feel the vastness of the universe.

■2.17 (Sat)
It’s a day that you want to spend in a quiet place. Have time for meditation in the space apart from daily life.

■2.18 (Sun)
Though it’s a precious holiday, you’d better not go out if you are not feeling well.

■2.19 (Mon)
It’s a day that you can make the most of your originality. Don’t throw away this opportunity by falling in line with others.

■2.20 (Tue)
Life is an adventure and you only live once. Better choose a life without regrets.

■2.21 (Wed)
You may want to bring in a sense of spring to your room. Add some new plants.

■2.22 (Thu)
Bring out a geeky part of you. Unexpected reactions might lead to a chance.


weekly lucky song>>WAKE ME TONIGHT

■2.23 (Fri)
A little luxury effectively removes your week’s tiredness. Treat yourself well.

■2.24 (Sat)
You may have a good encounter at a library or other academic place.

■2.25 (Sun)
Your curiosity about various fields will be useful and appreciated in an unexpected way.

■2.26 (Mon)
It’s a day that you want to enjoy your private time. Cut out of your work early.

■2.27 (Tue)
Creating a comfortable environment for yourself also creates a positive spiral.

■2.28 (Wed)
You can be selfish once in a while. It’s important to be honest with what you really like.

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