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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(10月1日〜31日)




weekly lucky song>>Highschool(ハート)love/E-girls(2014/9/10)

■10.1 (Sun)
Today, you will be able to express your true thoughts.

■10.2 (Mon)
The best supplement is the time you spend with your partner and family.

■10.3 (Tue)
Go all the way to do things that would amuse your heart but you’ve never tried before.

■10.4 (Wed)
You can get along with anybody today. But don’t be afraid to show your real self.

■10.5 (Thu)
Donate your money at a convenience store. Even small amount makes you feel satisfied.


weekly lucky song>>COUNTDOWN/HYDE(2005/10/5)

■10.6 (Fri)
Go home earlier and have a good rest. Take a leisurely bath.

You cannot understand the feeling of others without having peace of mind.

■10.8 (Sun)
You have the good fortune to create something better thing by combining two things.

■10.9 (Mon)
Recall your dream. It might contain an important message.

■10.10 (Tue)
A chance to regain yourself will arrive. Take a year to get back into shape.

■10.11 (Wed)
Talk to the person until you are completely satisfied. Compromise leads to later frustration.

■10.12 (Thu)
Taking to imported goods will provoke inspiration.


weekly lucky song>>Birthday wedding 柏木由紀(2013/10/16)

■10.13 (Fri)
Contact your old friend who hasn’t heard from you in years.

■10.14 (Sat)
Cherish your pleasure even if other people would never understand it.

■10.15 (Sun)
It seems that you will be appointed to a new project. Take on that challenge even if it’s hard.

■10.16 (Mon)
Take a trip through time at a planetarium after work.

■10.17 (Tue)
Visit a place you’ve wanted to go. This experience will become your treasure.

■10.18 (Wed)
Light some aromatic candles to form a relaxing room. Spend a blissful moment.

■10.19 (Thu)
You feel light on your feet today. Be proactive and take on many challenges.


weekly lucky song>>alone in my room/鈴木あみ(1998/9/17)

■10.20 (Thu)
What you have kept secret will start to see a change today.

■10.21 (Sat)
Visit a trendy spot and enjoy it in your heart. You will be refreshed.

■10.22 (Sun)
Revise your profile. Check if that profile fits the current you.

■10.23 (Mon)
It’s time for the current to change. Set a new goal.

■10.24 (Tue)
Trusting someone can be a source of courage. It’s a chance to break your emotional wall.

■10.25 (Wed)
Contact your brother or sister sometimes. They also want to talk to you.

■10.26 (Thu)
Start taking concrete measures for your certification exam next year.


weekly lucky song>>Buzzstyle/矢井田瞳(2001/9/27)

■10.27 (Fri)
Join your office’s drinking party sometimes. It may be more enjoyable than you think.

■10.28 (Sat)
Express your continued gratitude to your family. You can show it not only by words, but also by action.

■10.29 (Sun)
Today, spending time with your family will increase your luck. Go out for dinner.

■10.30 (Mon)
Keep your place clean. Especially around your desk and bed.

■10.31 (Tue)
It’s a day that you will be satisfied with the pleasure that no one else can understand.

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