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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(10月1日〜31日)




weekly lucky song>>SCREAM/東方神起(2013/9/4)

■10.1 (Sun)
Cherish what you feel on your trips. They will become your treasure in the future.

■10.2 (Mon)
Your positive action will attract sympathy.

■10.3 (Tue)
It’s time to think hard and make up your mind. Listen to your heart.

■10.4 (Wed)
Are you becoming too dependent on your family? Do your own things by yourself.
「家族に甘えていませんか? 自分のことは自分でしよう 」

■10.5 (Thu)
Your will win everyone's attention today. Do be fluttered, keep modest manner.


weekly lucky song>>crossroad/浜崎あゆみ(2010/9/22)

■10.6 (Fri)
Visit a place that looks great on social media. You may be able to take a good shot.

Regulate your life. Have enough sleep to rest yourself.

■10.8 (Sun)
You will be on the right side of your elders and betters. Allow yourself to be coddled today.

■10.9 (Mon)
You may be able to write an email that conveys your true feeling.

■10.10 (Tue)
It’s the start of the year that your duties and responsibilities will change.

■10.11 (Wed)
It’s a good day to rearrange your room. Change a distinct item such as the curtains.

■10.12 (Thu)
Pull the energy of the earth into you from dishes using organic vegetables.


weekly lucky song>>THE LAST NIGHT/松浦亜弥(2003/9/26)

■10.13 (Fri)
You may come up with a lovely line for a letter. Send it to someone you love.

■10.14 (Sat)
Vegetables grown with a lot of love are tasty. Likewise, people are also grown by a lot of love

■10.15 (Sun)
Go out with your brother/sister or a friend who is as close to you as them.

■10.16 (Mon)
Grab a quick lunch at fast-food shop.

■10.17 (Tue)
Change your diet when you feel ill. Take care of your body from within.

■10.18 (Wed)
Use your time and money to go to a theater or live concert, or to get tickets for such an event.

■10.19 (Thu)
Don’t overlook the signs from your body. You should not treat yourself roughly even when you are busy.


weekly lucky song>>Moonlight walker/A.B.C−Z(2015/9/30)

■10.20 (Thu)
A new, exciting development in your relationship will start from today.

■10.21 (Sat)
Review your daily routine. Check if you have too tight a schedule.

■10.22 (Sun)
Wash off your daily fatigue in a spa or a bedrock bath. Use your time for yourself.

■10.23 (Mon)
You need to learn to negotiate when you have some concerns about your work.

■10.24 (Tue)
It’s time to spend your energy for things you are passionate about. The star suggests you may encounter something to live for.

■10.25 (Wed)
Express your gratitude more than which you received. This will become your power.

■10.26 (Thu)
There’s a sign that you will receive something wonderful. Something will make you grow.


weekly lucky song>>I remember you/YUI(2006/9/20)

■10.27 (Fri)
Make time to spend with your partner. Remember to be honest with each other.

■10.28 (Sat)
It’s a good time to relearn some technical subjects. Go to a library where you can focus on your study.

■10.29 (Sun)
Go out somewhere quiet with books. Reading in a peaceful environment will refresh you.

■10.30 (Mon)
The place you have thought of as far away now gets closer. You can feel your growth.

■10.31 (Tue)
It’s a day to devote yourself to your hobby. You may overdose on a rabid hobby.

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