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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(11月1日〜30日)




■11.1 (Wed)
Try something you are not good at. You will find it much easier than you think.

■11.2 (Thu)
Your possibilities are infinite. What you’ve been devoted to single-mindedly will suddenly enter the spotlight.


weekly lucky song>>Reason
玉置成実/NAMI TAMAKI(2004/11/10)

■11.3 (Fri)
Listen to your heart, and you will be surprised by finding an optimistic side of yourself.

■11.4 (Sat)
Check your wallet to prepare for a sudden expense. Also, be careful about wasting money.

■11.5 (Sun)
Donate your money even if it’s a small amount. Use your money wisely.

■11.6 (Mon)
You will have more opportunities to get happy news in proportion to the number of people you talk to.

■11.7 (Tue)
Don’t care about what other people might say. Show your originality.

■11.8 (Wed)
Drop by a flower shop. Choose flowers by instinct and display them in your room.

■11.9 (Thu)
Today, you will wish to hear from your father. He has a magical effect on you and you will feel good.


weekly lucky song>>Dear Diary/Fighter
安室奈美恵/NAMIE AMURO(2016/10/26)

■11.10 (Fri)
Enjoy whatever you like or want to do today. Exploring your own world is also fine.

■11.11 (Sat)
The lumbering project starts moving smoothly today. Go forward at once.

■11.12 (Sun)
Check your body line and if necessary, go on a diet seriously.

■11.13 (Mon)
Treasure today’s encounter. Especially a certain place will bring you luck.

■11.14 (Tue)
You cannot concentrate on a book as usual and will get off track.

■11.15 (Wed)
Arguments are necessary to truly understand. A deep bond will be forged after that.

■11.16 (Thu)
You want to uncover and heal an emotional wound today. Bask in your favorite fragrance.


weekly lucky song>>GENERATION GAP/EXIT
V6/Coming Century(1997/11/6)

■11.17 (Fri)
An attempt to understand a person is the first step to building a relationship. Engage yourself more.

■11.18 (Sat)
You will be changed by things you receive.

■11.19 (Sun)
If you say too much, things will be beyond recovery. Tone down your voice today.

■11.20 (Mon)
Do research on makeup for the upcoming party season.

■11.21 (Tue)
You will conceive of a lot of ideas today. Make a record of them immediately.

■11.22 (Wed)
You will make good progress with your work today. There will be plenty of time to go somewhere after leaving work on time.

■11.23 (Thu)
You may receive a sudden offer. Give it your best and take on the challenge.


weekly lucky song>>Fighting Man

■11.24 (Fri)
You’ll get an inspiration that you can use for work. Make use of it as soon as possible.

■11.25 (Sat)
A surprise from your friend will strengthen the friendship today.

■11.26 (Sun)
Join some event with your friends. Something might happen, which could even strengthen your friendship.

■11.27 (Mon)
When you wonder what to do, visit a shrine to breathe fresh air.

■11.28 (Tue)
Get a foot massage on your way back from work to reset today’s tiredness.

■11.29 (Wed)
You are in a lighthearted mood today. It’ a good time to make a new start.

■11.30 (Thu)
Your rivals will inspire you today. It’s a chance to grow.

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