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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(11月1日〜30日)



weekly lucky song>>You Go Your Way

■11.1 (Wed)
Stop being weak-minded. Instead, trust yourself today and try to decide by instinct.

■11.2 (Thu)
Your dream and ideals are expanding, a part of which will form the future you.


weekly lucky song>>Love Me Right ~romantic universe~

■11.3 (Fri)
There is something you will be rewarded for according to your efforts. Today, you will have such worthwhile experiences.

■11.4 (Sat)
Push aside your realistic notions when your dreams and romantic feelings are growing.

■11.5 (Sun)
Take a one-day cooking lesson to improve your skill for preparing for a sudden opportunity.

■11.6 (Mon)
Slightly change the taste of your room. Decorate with romantic lights to enjoy a glamping mood.

■11.7 (Tue)
Today, many people will cross over into your territory. But don’t worry, it’ll be fun.

■11.8 (Wed)
You will receive plenty of love today. Exude a happy aura.

■11.9 (Thu)
Go out in a romantic autumn/winter look.


weekly lucky song>>WHITE BREATH

■11.10 (Fri)
Your mind is closely connected to your body. Loss of the health of either will disturb you feeling good.

■11.11 (Sat)
Free your mind. You need to have the courage to turn down favors today.

■11.12 (Sun)
An earnest attitude will leave a good impression on people. Put aside tentativeness today.

■11.13 (Mon)
Meeting someone in an academic field will give a profound meaning to your life.

■11.14 (Tue)
A conversation goes nowhere today. If it’s a serious issue, give it another day to think more.

■11.15 (Wed)
You feel as if you are reborn today. It’s a sign that you have received an invisible gift.

■11.16 (Thu)
What you feel a sense of inferiority for is actually the point of attractiveness for others.


weekly lucky song>>Choo Choo TRAIN

■11.17 (Fri)
Try finding a beautiful photography book at a library or a book store.

■11.18 (Sat)
Your interest toward cultivating spirituality is increasing and your worldview is expanding.

■11.19 (Sun)
Don’t feel down even if somebody says something harsh to you. Spring back stronger from that experience.

■11.20 (Mon)
You are lacking concentration today. Leave detailed work until tomorrow.

■11.21 (Tue)
You may have a mysterious encounter. The power of attraction is increasing.

■11.22 (Wed)
Things that have never gone smoothly will gradually start moving today.

■11.23 (Thu)
You will receive lots of invitations from your friends today. Have fun and frolic by going bowling with many friends.


weekly lucky song>>appears
浜崎あゆみ/AYUMI HAMASAKI(1999/11/10)

■11.24 (Fri)
Limit yourself in making appointments to see people. You don’t have to push yourself until you finally get worn out.

■11.25 (Sat)
Practice yoga to control your body and mind, and feel your own self.

■11.26 (Sun)
A romantic feeling seems to be growing in your mind. Embrace it.

■11.27 (Mon)
Take action for other people. You will get a shower of gratitude.

■11.28 (Tue)
Have a clear image of your ideal self and take on challenges.

■11.29 (Wed)
Maintain your wallet. If it’s damaged, consider buying a new one.

■11.30 (Thu)
What has worth for you is your treasure even if others may not understand it.

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