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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(11月1日〜30日)



weekly lucky song>>VAMPIRE'S LOVE

■11.1 (Wed)
Eat what you want to fully feed your body.

■11.2 (Thu)
Break out of the comfort zone before you are trapped in.


weekly lucky song>>Addicted To You
宇多田ヒカル/HIKARU UTADA(1999/11/10)

■11.3 (Fri)
Having a place to relax with a peace of mind helps you survive in the outside world. Appreciate your family.

■11.4 (Sat)
After having a great time, you feel the days are less fun. A new sprout coming out from such days will grow big.

■11.5 (Sun)
You are so charming when you devote yourself to your passion, drawing attention from everyone.

■11.6 (Mon)
Reset the stress from your work within today. Separating your work from your private time is the key.

■11.7 (Tue)
Today, a pile of problems is miraculously cleared one after another.

■11.8 (Wed)
Go to a cafe with your friends. You can have a deep conversation and better trust each other.

■11.9 (Thu)
Everybody has their own opinion. A step-by-step compromise will forge a strong bond.


weekly lucky song>>Sexy Zone
Sexy Zone(2011/11/16)

■11.10 (Fri)
A gift from someone is a lucky charm that makes you grow.

■11.11 (Sat)
You may receive a big gift. Something invisible yet precious.

■11.12 (Sun)
You may find a treasure today. Remember that you cannot find one without peace in your mind.

■11.13 (Mon)
The object of your affections in your team may become your lover.

■11.14 (Tue)
It’s a sentimental day as you are at a loss to know your true feelings.

■11.15 (Wed)
It’s totally worth the challenge even if other people say it’s a reckless idea.

■11.16 (Thu)
When a traumatic event between your brother surfaces to the consciousness, now is the time to overcome it.


weekly lucky song>>Shapes Of Love
Every Little Thing(1997/10/22)

■11.17 (Fri)
Spend time with friends you can share anything with. It’s recommended to do some artistic activities together.

■11.18 (Sat)
It’s a time to create a new network. That network will be spreading wider.

■11.19 (Sun)
You have lots of energy today. Enjoy a BBQ with your friends. Even the preparation will go smoothly.

■11.20 (Mon)
Be careful not to drink too much. It’s a dangerous day with the tendency to become high with alcohol.

■11.21 (Tue)
If you feel tired, spend time relaxing. Enjoy bath time with your favorite bath bomb.

■11.22 (Wed)
Eat lots of ginger with your meal to increase metabolism.

■11.23 (Thu)
Beware of trouble. Deal with it calmly, and you’ll be fine.

weekly lucky song>>HIGHER

■11.24 (Fri)
Pay extra attention to your skincare. Also, don’t forget to add a facial pack.

■11.25 (Sat)
When you go shopping, get some clothes that are in fashion this year.

■11.26 (Sun)
Gradually shift your diet for improving your health and maintaining your body condition.

■11.27 (Mon)
Take a trial lesson of the cultural class that you’ve been interested in.

■11.28 (Tue)
Laugh a lot at a comedy show, which will annihilate your stress.

■11.29 (Wed)
If you have been thinking about going on a diet, it’s time to be serious.

■11.30 (Thu)
Dine with just your family. Help with preparation if you have time.

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