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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(1月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>Dear Friends/It's My Way
day after tomorrow(2003/12/17)

■1.1 (Mon)
Remember the vision that you had in your dream. It must contain an important message.

■1.2 (Tue)
Enhance your self-image by visiting a shrine and declaring your resolution for this year.

■1.3 (Wed)
Things will go smoothly today. You will also have strong backup.

■1.4 (Thu)
If you determined to learn asset management this year, start it from today.


weekly lucky song>>MIRAGE

■1.5 (Fri)
If an unexpected party approaches you with a proposal that may bring you benefit, you can consider it.

■1.6 (Sat)
Your body clock is in disarray. Hold back from expressing yourself today.

■1.7 (Sun)
It’s a chance to get close to the teacher of your culture lesson. Be aggressive to talk to them.

■1.8 (Mon)
You get stressed because you cannot go home early. Keep your calm.

■1.9 (Tue)
Your one-way love is likely to transform into a mutual one.

■1.10 (Wed)
You feel a very big, strong love, with which your heart is filled.

■1.11 (Thu)
Aggressive action is the right answer if you are planning to confess your love. The stars are with you.


weekly lucky song>>Automatic/time will tell
宇多田ヒカル/HIKARU UTADA(1998/12/9)

■1.12 (Fri)
An academic and romantic planetarium is recommended as a date spot.

■1.13 (Sat)
Spend your day off in a way that relieves your tired body and maintains your condition.

■1.14 (Sun)
It’s the day for organizing your environment. Throw away things like unnecessary documents and old clothes.

■1.15 (Mon)
Beware of miscommunication. Carefully convey information by, for example, attaching support documentation.

■1.16 (Tue)
Consider every sort of interaction among couples as reconfirmation of their love for each other.

■1.17 (Wed)
Starting today, refine yourself to meet your ideal partner.

■1.18 (Thu)
Maybe you are being impressionable. You cannot help but think about others’ feelings.


weekly lucky song>>Deeper Deeper/Nothing Helps
ONE OK ROCK(2013/1/9)

■1.19 (Fri)
It’s the time that your feminine attraction is naturally increasing. Take advantage of this time.

■1.20 (Sat)
Don’t hold yourself back if you want to know the essence of something. You have nothing to lose by trying.

■1.21 (Sun)
If you have some trouble, resort to specialists in each field. You may find a surprisingly easy solution.

■1.22 (Mon)
You may encounter a book which will guide you through your life. Go to a book store to find one.

■1.23 (Tue)
Too much research will make your decision more difficult.

■1.24 (Wed)
It may sound obvious, but the shortest way to get recognition is making steady efforts.

■1.25 (Thu)
Remember there are always friends to help you out.


weekly lucky song>>SNOW!SNOW!SNOW!
KinKi Kids(2005/12/21)

■1.26 (Fri)
Visit a planetarium for its latest program. Refresh yourself in the extraordinary space.

■1.27 (Sat)
If your frustration has accumulated, take action to release it.

■1.28 (Sun)
If you find something broken, send it to repair or dispose of it quickly.

■1.29 (Mon)
Use small pockets of time to organize your desk and locker.

■1.30 (Tue)
It’s the time that you will encounter a great piece of art. It will influence your mind.

■1.31 (Wed)
There may be a change in your income. You will be able to aim for a higher goal.

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