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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(1月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>Last Song
Girls Dead Monster starring marina(2010/12/8)

■1.1 (Mon)
You’ll have a busy New Year with many guests coming in and out. They may bring good news.

■1.2 (Tue)
A mystery bag is your lucky charm. You may find some nice items in the bag from the shop you selected.

■1.3 (Wed)
Treasure the time spent with your family. The love of family is the source of good luck.

■1.4 (Thu)
If you are thinking about learning new things, today is a good day to make the first step.


weekly lucky song>>Crazy Bunny Coaster

■1.5 (Fri)
Consult with someone close to you about your worries at work. You may get unexpected advice.

■1.6 (Sat)
Value the time for yourself to get back to a normal rhythm.

■1.7 (Sun)
Try to make your space as comfortable as possible with the items from 100 yen shops.

■1.8 (Mon)
Harsh comments from your seniors come from their love. Take it gratefully.

■1.9 (Tue)
Your appeal will gather everyone’s attention today. Smile to respond to them.

■1.10 (Wed)
You can easily display your attractiveness by receiving strong support.

■1.11 (Thu)
It’s going to be a busy day, but with somebody’s help, you’ll get through it easily.


weekly lucky song>>Winter Bells
倉木麻衣/MAI KURAKI(2002/1/17)

■1.12 (Fri)
You seem to be exhausted because of the busy days. Get to bed earlier even on the weekend.
「最近の忙しさで疲れが溜まっているかも? 週末でも早めに睡眠を」

■1.13 (Sat)
You will be stopped by strangers and asked for direction more often. Respond nicely to them.

■1.14 (Sun)
It’s a day that you tend to follow somebody’ lead. Hold on to yourself to not get pushed around by other people.

■1.15 (Mon)
A do-over is a necessary step to make better things.

■1.16 (Tue)
It’s a usual day but somehow the ties with somebody will develop.

■1.17 (Wed)
Sooner is better if you change your habits or make a fresh start.

■1.18 (Thu)
Today, you feel like gaining more knowledge. You will be able to gather information effectively.


weekly lucky song>>Face the change
Every Little Thing(1998/1/7)

■1.19 (Fri)
You may find your passion in the quest for your ideal. Take on the challenge.

■1.20 (Sat)
You may be interested in a country you’ve paid no attention to. Start planning a trip to that country.

■1.21 (Sun)
Build the habit of walking with your back straight. You will have a different view than before.

■1.22 (Mon)
Picture a vivid image of where you want to be positioned. This is the shortest way to achieve it.

■1.23 (Tue)
It’s important not to be afraid to ask other people. Your friends and teammates are expecting it.

■1.24 (Wed)
It’s a day that you feel the preciousness of friends. Be sure to express your gratitude today.

■1.25 (Thu)
Even if your surrounding situation is unsettled, it’s seemingly meaningful to spend the time alone.


weekly lucky song>>KISS! KISS! KISS!
飯田里穂/RIHO IIDA (2016/1/13)

■1.26 (Fri)
Enjoy a blissful moment with relaxing scented body cream.

■1.27 (Sat)
Even if there were an accident in a relationship, the bond will get deeper after that.

■1.28 (Sun)
You'll have a great time with someone you love. Anything you do together will be fun.

■1.29 (Mon)
You will surely find a middle ground even if communication doesn’t go smoothly.

■1.30 (Tue)
It’s time to revise your methods for asset management. Gather information first.

■1.31 (Wed)
There is an opportunity that your talent comes under the spotlight. Make good use of social media.

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