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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(1月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>STARS
中島美嘉/MIKA NAKASHIMA (2001/11/7)

■1.1 (Mon)
It’s the day that you feel like being with your family. Invite your relatives to enjoy a homey New Year’s Day.

■1.2 (Tue)
The first dream of the year may contain a message for you. Keep a dream diary.

■1.3 (Wed)
It’s the day that something exciting will knock on your door? perhaps, together with love.

■1.4 (Thu)
When you come back to normal life yet feel as if you’re still in a dream, return to reality as soon as possible.


weekly lucky song>>DADA

■1.5 (Fri)
What you enjoy doing will spread to others before you know it.

■1.6 (Sat)
You may be frustrated with a counterpart, but it’s safer not to urge them towards a decision.

■1.7 (Sun)
You will have a great time at the weekend excursion, as well as garner trust from others.

■1.8 (Mon)
You will feel strong pressure from others. Smile inside, and things will be alright.

■1.9 (Tue)
You may be inspired by foreign things and create a new vision of the world.

■1.10 (Wed)
Accept invitations actively. There’s a sign that friends will bring friends to create a good connection.

■1.11 (Thu)
Ideas will spring up like mushrooms through conversation in a specialized field.


weekly lucky song>>I HAVE NEVER SEEN
安室奈美恵/NAMIE AMURO(1998/12/23)

■1.12 (Fri)
It’s the time to make new friends. Actively take part in invited gatherings.

■1.13 (Sat)
Enjoy shopping while imagining your future self.

■1.14 (Sun)
Take your time to experience authentic things, which will attract good fortune.

■1.15 (Mon)
You may shop too much online. Better to sleep on it before you buy.

■1.16 (Tue)
You will have more opportunities to see your friends, engage in more conversations, and interact with people.

■1.17 (Wed)
Set up a blog, create an account for social media, and post an article?all should be done within today.

■1.18 (Thu)
Take the time to provide self-care at home. Carefully massage or apply a facial mask to keep your skin supple and hydrated.


weekly lucky song>>SNOW DANCE
DREAMS COME TRUE(1999/12/24)

■1.19 (Fri)
It would be fun to pursue your own world even if no one else can understand it.

■1.20 (Sat)
Try new kinds of essential oil or perfume to refresh your mind.

■1.21 (Sun)
A romantic atmosphere stimulates the conversation and you will feel the time fly by.

■1.22 (Mon)
The time spending with your partner, even if it’s short, will take you to the romantic world.

■1.23 (Tue)
Ambiguous opinions will not translate well. Order your thoughts logically.

■1.24 (Wed)
You may need to control your finances. Check your wallet before you go out.

■1.25 (Thu)
Go and admire foreign art pieces that have arrived in Japan. If you do a little research beforehand, you will have a more fruitful time.


weekly lucky song>>HERO

■1.26 (Fri)
Give top priority to meeting your friends. Exchanging opinions with them will enhance your knowledge.

■1.27 (Sat)
A spirit of aiming for a higher goal is growing in you.

■1.28 (Sun)
Dispose of any unnecessary things to clear the whole space. Try also to redecorate your room.

■1.29 (Mon)
Having dinner with your family will bring you luck. Catch up with the members living far away.

■1.30 (Tue)
Detox your mind with comfortable melodies or a romantic movie.

■1.31 (Wed)
Get rid of your negative thinking and perfectionism. You are good as you are.

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