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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(11月1日〜30日)



weekly lucky song>>cosmetic

■11.1 (Wed)
The more you give your love and kindness, the more you will receive them from others. So, give them to the fullest.

■11.2 (Thu)
Do you know that a little kindness can prompt a big smile from other people?  Give it a try.
「小さな親切が大きな笑顔の花を咲かせるって知ってた? やってみよう」


weekly lucky song>>over/EASY SHOW TIME

■11.3 (Fri)
Explore your hidden talent that you haven’t realized, which leads to fame and wealth.

■11.4 (Sat)
If you are too busy to think about leisure, at least grab a glass of your favorite drink.

■11.5 (Sun)
Take a little excursion to breathe in fresh air. The cool breeze will refresh your mind.

■11.6 (Mon)
You will make good progress with your work today. Make up for yesterday’s work.

■11.7 (Tue)
Don’t feel down even if you make a mistake. You can learn from the mistake for the next time.

■11.8 (Wed)
Look a little ahead. Calmly reflect on your current situation and whether it’s good enough to achieve your goal.

■11.9 (Thu)
Time passes monotonously today. It’s better to let things flow naturally.


weekly lucky song>>COLORS

■11.10 (Fri)
Today, you feel like being alone. Warm your body with some herb tea and take some good rest.

■11.11 (Sat)
Check that you haven’t left anything in the shade or corners. You may find something lost.

■11.12 (Sun)
It’s a day that your mood will switch. From today, you will be positive and full of enthusiasm.

■11.13 (Mon)
You will find a kindred spirit in the person you meet at a cultural school. It’s going to be increasingly fun to join the class.

■11.14 (Tue)
You feel difficulty expressing in your own words. Try putting emphasis on your emotion.

■11.15 (Wed)
Charge your energy with some spicy food. Healthy curry with lots of vegetables might be good.

■11.16 (Thu)
Many people notice your kindness that tries not to hurt the feeling of others’.


weekly lucky song>>AROUND THE WORLD

■11.17 (Fri)
Today you will have great access to various information. Some of the information would be fun to share with your friends.

■11.18 (Sat)
It’s a good day to start learning something. It will continue and expand.

■11.19 (Sun)
You are lucky in money. You may find a method to win a great deal of money.

■11.20 (Mon)
Go home earlier and enjoy aroma bathing with a gorgeous fragrance.

■11.21 (Tue)
Today, you can welcome people crossing over into your territory.

■11.22 (Wed)
Master your hobby. Dedicate yourself to what you like.

■11.23 (Thu)
It’s a day that you encounter someone at an unexpected place. Don’t be too lazy to dress up.


weekly lucky song>>Winter Love

■11.24 (Fri)
Try to make handcrafted goods. It’s the best way to express yourself.

■11.25 (Sat)
Take a rest at an open cafe. Enjoy the townscape changing into winter.

■11.26 (Sun)
Go to a hot spring spa to enjoy both detoxification and relaxation.

■11.27 (Mon)
Select freshly-baked bread for today’s lunch.

■11.28 (Tue)
You feel like doing something for someone. It’s “virtue saving” for your future.

■11.29 (Wed)
You are not the only one that is struggling. Thinking about it that way will help you get over it.

■11.30 (Thu)
A lovely gift will be delivered to you. The gift could be tangible or intangible depending on the person.

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