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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(11月1日〜30日)



weekly lucky song>>Garden
Sugar Soul feat.Kenji(1999/9/8)

■11.1 (Wed)
Today, you will feel a deep, calming love. That person would strike your heart just by standing nearby.

■11.2 (Thu)
Find an item to add joy to your life; something created by time-honed techniques.


weekly lucky song>>HURRY GO ROUND
hide with Spread Beaver(1998/10/21)

■11.3 (Fri)
If you enjoy what you are doing, people who share the same feeling will gather and join you.

■11.4 (Sat)
Do not push yourself too hard as you tend to fall sick. Try some super foods.

■11.5 (Sun)
If you have a sore throat, it’s a sign that you are getting tired. Get some rest.

■11.6 (Mon)
Polish your feminine attractiveness. Make time to have a great moment with your partner and his friends.

■11.7 (Tue)
Listen to your seniors. It’s a great opportunity to hear something useful.

■11.8 (Wed)
There is a gap in the conversation and you may get confused. But don’t think too seriously.

■11.9 (Thu)
Go to a little-known shop and introduce it on social media.


weekly lucky song>>Missing Piece
中山優馬/YUMA NAKAYAMA(2012/10/31)

■11.10 (Fri)
It’s a good day to study a specialized area. You may be able to get useful reference books or materials.

■11.11 (Sat)
You may get a strong sensation. Today can be the start of something.

■11.12 (Sun)
You may encounter a good deal that leads to your business. Listen carefully.

■11.13 (Mon)
You might step into a secret romance. Stop yourself when you feel it is dangerous.

■11.14 (Tue)
Today, you will be bursting with ideas. Always bring a notebook with you.

■11.15 (Wed)
You don’t have to be a nice person. It’s important to share your opinion if you think it’s right.

■11.16 (Thu)
Have some plants around you for relaxation. Redecorate your room with lots of greenery.


weekly lucky song>>ENDLESS STORY
REIRA starring YUNA ITO(2005/9/7)

■11.17 (Fri)
Today you can express yourself very well. Don’t act defensively, but be confident.

■11.18 (Sat)
It’s a good opportunity to transmit the information you want to share through the internet.

■11.19 (Sun)
Today, you can be energetic and overcome a tight schedule.

■11.20 (Mon)
Go to a nail salon. Fashionable fingertips add spice to your entire fashion coordination.

■11.21 (Tue)
You’ll have a wonderful time talking to your friends. Don’t be too late as you have work tomorrow.

■11.22 (Wed)
Your body is filled with energy today. Blood circulation will be improved and bring a fresh feeling to your skin.

■11.23 (Thu)
Do research on a method of asset management and practice it. You may find a good financial product today.


weekly lucky song>>It Takes Two(It Takes Two/SOLID DREAM/MOVE ON)

■11.24 (Fri)
You are meeting a lot of people recently. A mature attitude is the key for a successful relationship.

■11.25 (Sat)
Go on a trip to nearby historical sites.

■11.26 (Sun)
Take a local train to travel slowly. Enjoy discovering the unbeaten track.

■11.27 (Mon)
Try to make an intricate lunch box. People who see it will get a good impression from it.

■11.28 (Tue)
Be confident of your specialty area. It’s an opportunity to explore more possibilities.

■11.29 (Wed)
Why don’t you go see a movie after work? Little-known films are recommended.

■11.30 (Thu)
It’s about time to get a new bag. Look around beforehand.

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