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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(3月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>fragile/JIRENMA
Every Little Thing(2001/1/1)

■3.1 (Thu)
It’s a chance to broaden your possibilities. Decide based on whether you’ll enjoy it or not.


weekly lucky song>>Mistake!/Battery

■3.2 (Fri)
You will find something in your daily life that will enrich your mind.

■3.3 (Sat)
When you are unsure of your true feelings, remind yourself of your strength.

■3.4 (Sun)
Your sparkly presence is so eye-catching that even heaven will be on your side today.

■3.5 (Mon)
Being jealous of someone’s talent means you still have room for growth.

■3.6 (Tue)
It’s a little lucky day where you can find an idea or item that speeds up progress for your work.

■3.7 (Wed)
Try anything with genuine interest. Value your heart’s excitement most.

■3.8 (Thu)
The heart that appreciates the tradition and formality makes you mature as a person.


weekly lucky song>>Emotions

■3.9 (Fri)
A bear-motif item is your lucky charm today. Bring one with you to go out.

■3.10 (Sat)
Today’s invitation seems to lead you to a happy encounter.

■3.11 (Sun)
A little happiness will soothe your mind. Have a relaxing day.

■3.12 (Mon)
Take a more reserved, modest attitude than usual, which will earn yourself a good reputation.

■3.13 (Tue)
You are worried about your rival’s move. Go easy and be patient.

■3.14 (Wed)
There’s a sign that you will receive love. A great conversation connects the hearts of each other tightly.

■3.15 (Thu)
It’ a day that you will be stressed about the interaction among people. Spend a relaxing time by yourself.


weekly lucky song>>Movin'on without you
宇多田ヒカル/HIKARU UTADA(1999/2/17)

■3.16 (Fri)
Your friend may find what you are looking for. Invite them to dinner in return.

■3.17 (Sat)
A new trend will be generated, where a deep relationship with someone will start.

■3.18 (Sun)
If you have worries, having therapy can be a way to resolve it.

■3.19 (Mon)
Surprisingly wonderful news might arrive from afar.

■3.20 (Tue)
Practice the secret beauty method of foreign celebrities who inspire you.

■3.21 (Wed)
You may rethink your career. Consider acquiring a qualification if necessary.

■3.22 (Thu)
You will find a way to support both your work and home, taking a load off your mind.


weekly lucky song>>NO MORE CRY

■3.23 (Fri)
A pretty, foreign item becomes your lucky charm.

■3.24 (Sat)
Take the seminar that you are interested in. You may make a connection that will be important for your future.

■3.25 (Sun)
A lack of exercise may be a cause of your illness. Make up your mind to be engaged in some sport activity.

■3.26 (Mon)
You feel most comfortable at home today. Taking a long bath will also soothe your mind.

■3.27 (Tue)
Have some spicy food such as curry to increase your metabolism.

■3.28 (Wed)
A sense of contentment gained from your favorite activity will attract more happiness.

■3.29 (Thu)
Make a plan with your family to have an excursion for cherry-blossom viewing.


weekly lucky song>>NEVER EVER
浜崎あゆみ/AYUMI HAMASAKI(2001/3/7)

■3.30 (Fri)
Your work is likely to receive good reputation from your boss. Your income could also go up.

■3.31 (Sat)
Your information activities on social media see a result. Now is the time for making an adjustment.

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