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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(3月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>TSUNAMI
サザンオールスターズ/SOUTHERN ALL STARS(2000/1/26)

■3.1 (Thu)
Everything you try today will become an asset.


weekly lucky song>>Red Beat of My Life
Eriko with Crunch(2000/3/15)

■3.2 (Fri)
It’s the time the environment around you is changing for the better with somebody’s support.

■3.3 (Sat)
You'll have a wonderful weekend with friends who have the same passion as you.

■3.4 (Sun)
“Men” is a keyword for you. Their words give you a clue for something.

■3.5 (Mon)
You may realize your true feelings or hidden passion.

■3.6 (Tue)
A treasure from your childhood holds a clue to live for the moment.

■3.7 (Wed)
Everything goes so well that people may turn their jealous eyes on you. Always be thankful.

■3.8 (Thu)
Your heart will be filled with joy. Enjoy that exciting feeling.


weekly lucky song>>Time goes by
Every Little Thing(1998/2/11)

■3.9 (Fri)
You are urged to make some decision. Overcome your fear and move on.

■3.10 (Sat)
A big challenge may be laid before you. Trust yourself and tackle it fearlessly.

■3.11 (Sun)
There’s a sign that a long-lasting relationship will begin. Treasure each encounter.

■3.12 (Mon)
Dress yourself in an elegant, favorable fashion.

■3.13 (Tue)
You are attentive to other people’s feelings today. A small gesture of concern is more than enough.

■3.14 (Wed)
You may feel like going somewhere far away. Start planning a trip for cherry-blossom viewing.

■3.15 (Thu)
Stop borrowing or lending money. Even a little amount can let your fortune get away.


weekly lucky song>>Love,Day After Tomorrow
倉木麻衣/MAI KURAKI(1999/12/8)

■3.16 (Fri)
Say yes instantly to today’s invitation. It will take you to the place you’ve never been to.

■3.17 (Sat)
If you want to study something in a professional way, start it from today.

■3.18 (Sun)
Playing sports for a change would be good. You may encounter a charming person.

■3.19 (Mon)
It’s about time that you will get a job you’ve been longing for.

■3.20 (Tue)
Today, you can get your work done smoothly. You will possibly be able to go home early.

■3.21 (Wed)
It’s a good day for teamwork. Work together to deliver a good result.

■3.22 (Thu)
Someone special for you may appear among your good friends.


weekly lucky song>>SEASON'S CALL

■3.23 (Fri)
You will get nervous, contrary to the feeling since yesterday. Don’t be bothered by trifles.

■3.24 (Sat)
It’s the time that what you’ve pictured in your mind is soon becoming real.

■3.25 (Sun)
The relationship with your rival will be improved through friendly competition.

■3.26 (Mon)
When you feel romantic, surrender yourself to the atmosphere.

■3.27 (Tue)
Today, you may achieve your quota. You have momentum for the goal without trying too hard.

■3.28 (Wed)
A great journey begins today, where you will create magnificent work.

■3.29 (Thu)
It’s the day that you have a keen sense of beauty. Check out spring fashion.


weekly lucky song>>Eternal
赤西仁/JIN AKANISHI(2011/3/2)

■3.30 (Fri)
It's a perfect time to start learning something new. You will encounter a good teacher.

■3.31 (Sat)
If you’ve been looking for a comfortable place, now is the time for you to find it.

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