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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(1月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>Red Carpet
安室奈美恵/NAMIE AMURO(2015/12/2)

■1.1 (Mon)
An unconventional style of spending the New Year will bring you luck. Try some activities that have received good reviews.

■1.2 (Tue)
Confront your own feelings and set a goal. Write it down on paper so that you can gaze upon it every day.

■1.3 (Wed)
Today, you feel like spending time as quietly as possible. Choose calm places when you go out.

■1.4 (Thu)
It's a good time to start your new hobby. Make sure to choose something you really like doing.


weekly lucky song>>stay with me
倖田來未/KUMI KODA(2008/12/24)

■1.5 (Fri)
What you intended to convey might spread in an unexpected way. Keep your natural stance.

■1.6 (Sat)
Today, it’s better not to loosen up your wallet without good reason. Put a stop to impulse shopping.

■1.7 (Sun)
If you are thinking about having pets, visit a pet shop to get started preparing.

■1.8 (Mon)
Don’t push yourself if you are not feeling well. Go home early.

■1.9 (Tue)
Balance your work and life. Things may work out if you try different methods.

■1.10 (Wed)
It’s a day that you’ll find joy not in something special but in doing something for others.

■1.11 (Thu)
Home cooking is your lucky charm. Enjoy nostalgic flavors such as simmered dishes.


weekly lucky song>>Dilemma

■1.12 (Fri)
Securing your own space will calm you down and make things better.

■1.13 (Sat)
You can devote yourself to your favorite activity. Don’t care too much about what others might think.

■1.14 (Sun)
Let’s get dressed up and go out. Walk proudly as if you were a celebrity.

■1.15 (Mon)
You may need to readjust your schedule. Change it to a plan with some extra time.

■1.16 (Tue)
If you are busy and feel off, don’t push yourself. Give priority to having a rest.

■1.17 (Wed)
Now is the time to acquire a qualification. Get down to studying to create a smooth start.

■1.18 (Thu)
It’s time to review the way you relate yourself to others.


weekly lucky song>>REASON

■1.19 (Fri)
You will have a deeper exchange of love. Face your partner seriously during the conversational catchball.

■1.20 (Sat)
It’s a chance to approach someone in mind. You have quite a high possibility to win that person.

■1.21 (Sun)
Discard everything you haven’t made use of in a year. You will gain what you need instead.

■1.22 (Mon)
If you accept yourself, a new side of you will appear.

■1.23 (Tue)
You are somehow attracted by a book on philosophy. It may open the door to a whole new world.

■1.24 (Wed)
You may have a sleepless night, too excited as if it’s the night before an adventure.

■1.25 (Thu)
There must be some struggle before you achieve the goal. But now you can get over it.


weekly lucky song>>Pray/Get Into A Groove
Every Little Thing(2000/1/1)

■1.26 (Fri)
It’s the day that your efforts bear fruit. Apply the result to the next step.

■1.27 (Sat)
You may encounter something you would commit as much as to pour all your limited time into it.

■1.28 (Sun)
You'll have a wonderful weekend with your trusted friends. Everything will be enjoyable.

■1.29 (Mon)
Chat away with your colleague and you will get a lot of work done in the afternoon.

■1.30 (Tue)
It’s about time you start feeling tired. Don’t work overtime today and go straight home.

■1.31 (Wed)
It’s time that you establish your own style. The way you have paved leads you to results.

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