English Style PRODUCT BY オリコン顧客満足度

今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(1月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>Robot

■1.1 (Mon)
You have many opportunities to talk with people during the New Year’s holiday. It’s the best time to have a deeper level of communication.

■1.2 (Tue)
Go out in a slightly sexy look. You can add a twist to accessories.

■1.3 (Wed)
An event where you receive something important may happen. Appreciate your ancestors.

■1.4 (Thu)
A post you made on social media during the New Year holiday may bring a new dimension to your life.


weekly lucky song>>CHASE

■1.5 (Fri)
Trust your instinct and take action. Most things will go smoothly.

■1.6 (Sat)
Heed your solitary activities. It’s better to consult with others to move ahead.

■1.7 (Sun)
Act more aggressively as your vision is likely to make profit.

■1.8 (Mon)
Stop borrowing money from each other. Even a little amount can affect your trusting relationship.

■1.9 (Tue)
You may be completely released from your concerns about money.

■1.10 (Wed)
You have good fortune in money. It may be a good idea to buy a lottery ticket and test your luck.

■1.11 (Thu)
Things going on below the surface seem to have accelerated.


weekly lucky song>>KAGUYA

■1.12 (Fri)
It’s good timing to get monetary information. Gather information on the internet or in magazines for a start.

■1.13 (Sat)
Spend you day off in a different way than usual. It would be better to let your instinct decide what to do.

■1.14 (Sun)
The outcome is decided by speed today. Be aggressive as you won’t feel like relaxing anyway.

■1.15 (Mon)
Things are working out thanks to your friends’ support. Be grateful for having someone to lean on.

■1.16 (Tue)
It’s time to raise awareness of your diet. Try to use organic ingredients.

■1.17 (Wed)
If you are thinking about learning asset management or opening a bank account, today is the day.

■1.18 (Thu)
A side trip leads you to an unexpected encounter. You will get along with it.


weekly lucky song>>Next 100 Years

■1.19 (Fri)
The time spent such as admiring arts is worth spending for your mind.

■1.20 (Sat)
A clue to what you are looking for may be in the conversation with friends. Try to recall it.

■1.21 (Sun)
Go to a jewelry shop. Just looking around will make you happy.

■1.22 (Mon)
The past incident you recall is a type of message to you. Connect the dots to draw the whole picture.

■1.23 (Tue)
Be confident and act boldly, then you will feel your worries become smaller.

■1.24 (Wed)
You will get lots of love. Don’t talk tough but take it gratefully.

■1.25 (Thu)
Do a stretching exercise before bedtime to release the stress from your body.


weekly lucky song>>Everything

■1.26 (Fri)
It’s time to give up the things and thoughts that you couldn’t let go. Start with things in sight.

■1.27 (Sat)
Now is the chance to change the image that you’ve held these few years.

■1.28 (Sun)
You have momentum today. Try some active leisure with your partner.

■1.29 (Mon)
You will have a better understanding about the person you found it hard to communicate with, resulting in a good relationship.

■1.30 (Tue)
If your aggressive side tends to come to the surface, take a deep breath before everything.

■1.31 (Wed)
It’s good timing to finish things left halfway. Stop taking a lukewarm attitude.

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