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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(2月1日〜28日)



weekly lucky song>>Anniversary
KinKi Kids(2004/12/22)

■2.1 (Thu)
If you are attracted by fancy items, go no further than just admiring. Instead, pay attention to things within your reach.


weekly lucky song>>Bittersweet

■2.2 (Fri)
Today, you will finally meet the long-standing commitment to your good friends.

■2.3 (Sat)
You will have a great fun with a group of your good friends. A tour of temples and shrines is recommended.

■2.4 (Sun)
Reward yourself with delicious cuisine at an ocean view restaurant.

■2.5 (Mon)
You may think too much about others and leave yourself behind.

■2.6 (Tue)
It’s the day that you are full of energy and motivation. People will be amazed by your vitality.

■2.7 (Wed)
Pay attention to the quality of your pillow. Choose one which brings sound sleep.

■2.8 (Thu)
Speed matters for everything today. Make an arrangement to get things done deftly.


weekly lucky song>>Can You Keep A Secret?
宇多田ヒカル/HIKARU UTADA(2001/2/16)

■2.9 (Fri)
It’s the time that you are attracted by sophisticated things. Review all your belongings for replacement.

■2.10 (Sat)
Have dinner at a luxurious restaurant. You will be filled with a positive energy.

■2.11 (Sun)
Improvisation is today’s principle. Break free from your inner prison and be flexible.

■2.12 (Mon)
Enjoy a short trip to a nearby spot. Hot spring bathing would be effective for detoxing your body.

■2.13 (Tue)
You can act friendly to anyone today. As a result, you may get new information.

■2.14 (Wed)
Hand out your chocolate in a cozy, friendly atmosphere.

■2.15 (Thu)
Don't push yourself to the limit. Spend your energy to charge yourself.


weekly lucky song>>GLORIA

■2.16 (Fri)
Kindness brings further kindness. Extend your support to someone in need.

■2.17 (Sat)
Your attractiveness will increase today. Let’s get dressed up and go out as a good encounter may await you.

■2.18 (Sun)
You will have a lot of fun today. Enjoy yourself to the fullest at an amusement park or theme park.

■2.19 (Mon)
The harder you try to help people, the more awkward you will feel. Take it easy.

■2.20 (Tue)
Order your favorite blend of tea at a herbal shop.

■2.21 (Wed)
Dress yourself up in a stylish way in order to present yourself as a sophisticated woman.

■2.22 (Thu)
It’s the season where you will meet many people. Your sensible behavior may be enable you to build a good relationship.


weekly lucky song>>Winter,again

■2.23 (Fri)
An elegant fashion will be met with a good reception today. Also pay attention to your posture.

■2.24 (Sat)
You may have a chance to obtain what you can only find there.

■2.25 (Sun)
Reward yourself with beauty treatments. If you can improve your first impression, your life will also get better.

■2.26 (Mon)
It’s the time when you will get into an intimate relationship with someone. Don’t miss this chance.

■2.27 (Tue)
Add mastering a second foreign language to your goals. It will give more options to your life.

■2.28 (Wed)
Keep track of progress so that it sticks to the original schedule.

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