English Style PRODUCT BY オリコン顧客満足度

今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(2月1日〜28日)



weekly lucky song>>KISS! KISS! KISS!
飯田里穂/RIHO IIDA (2016/1/13)

■2.1 (Thu)
Your flighty behavior will puzzle other people. Refrain from being too selfish.


weekly lucky song>>Face the change
Every Little Thing(1998/1/7)

■2.2 (Fri)
Calm down and relax. There’s no good being aggressive to protect yourself.

■2.3 (Sat)
Pay a little more attention to your bedside, for example by displaying flowers. Create a comfortable environment for your sleep.

■2.4 (Sun)
Remember the sensation you got from something highly entertainment-oriented.

■2.5 (Mon)
Reconfirm the charming parts of your face in the mirror. Then practice your best smile.

■2.6 (Tue)
You will make good progress with your paperwork today. Tackle it speedily so that you can finish even tomorrow’s tasks.

■2.7 (Wed)
Leave yourself behind today and support others. Offer a helping hand to someone in need.

■2.8 (Thu)
Adjust your schedule if you haven’t got enough rest.


weekly lucky song>>MAGIC

■2.9 (Fri)
Study a new makeup for the coming spring. But wait a little longer to actually buy cosmetics.

■2.10 (Sat)
Go on a date if you have a partner. If you are single, go to a place to meet people.

■2.11 (Sun)
Visit a shrine to charge your energy. Bring some purification salt back with you.

■2.12 (Mon)
Lingerie is your lucky charm. Buying a new one will bring you luck.

■2.13 (Tue)
Boost your power of concentration to make a fresh start of the week. First of all, reset your mind.

■2.14 (Wed)
Express your love with a slightly fancy chocolate, while imagining a movie scene.

■2.15 (Thu)
Shape up your body with a healthy diet and exercise for a beautiful hipline.


weekly lucky song>>ladi dadi

■2.16 (Fri)
Start planning for the coming spring. The plan involving outdoor activities is recommended.

■2.17 (Sat)
Visit a historically important site and you may gain some inspiration.

■2.18 (Sun)
A cup of tea will bring you luck today. Especially buy high quality leaves.

■2.19 (Mon)
Today, you can act like yourself without trying. Your tactful ways in responses make a better impression on others.

■2.20 (Tue)
If you come up with a novel idea to break through the plateau, proceed with it at once.

■2.21 (Wed)
It’s the time that your fatigue is piling up. Select your comfortable fragrance for a relaxing bath time.

■2.22 (Thu)
Learn the asset management methods that fit with the times and you will be able to enjoy increasing your assets.


weekly lucky song>>BREAK OUT!

■2.23 (Fri)
You have a good chemistry with dance today. Go dancing with friends or view a dance show.

■2.24 (Sat)
You can achieve your original goal with a strong will and vitality. Then, catch the momentum and keep going.

■2.25 (Sun)
Early-morning activities bring you luck. You can also make good use of time.

■2.26 (Mon)
Choose a healthy menu for lunch at a restaurant using carefully selected ingredients.

■2.27 (Tue)
Decorate flowers in your room to bathe in the natural aroma. It will boost your spirit from within.

■2.28 (Wed)
You will happen upon the place you have wanted to go for a long time.

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