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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(2月1日〜28日)



weekly lucky song>>Catch Me -If you wanna-

■2.1 (Thu)
Don’t take out your frustration on others, but release it by allowing yourself a little luxury.


weekly lucky song>>orion
米津玄師/KENSHI YONEZU(2017/2/15)

■2.2 (Fri)
An event that will lead you to your goal may happen.

■2.3 (Sat)
You will be interested in some specialized theme and be inclined to learn it more.

■2.4 (Sun)
Improve your motivation for work with quality stationery.

■2.5 (Mon)
Steady work is the best policy for today. You can work at your own pace.

■2.6 (Tue)
Teamwork will be a good solution. You can work in step with each other and things will go smoothly.

■2.7 (Wed)
Embrace your friendship. It will be your treasure.

■2.8 (Thu)
Look up at the stars in the sky and picture the remote future while appreciating our ancestors.


weekly lucky song>>Winter Bells
倉木麻衣/MAI KURAKI(2002/1/17)

■2.9 (Fri)
Push reality away by watching a movie tonight. It will refresh your mind.

■2.10 (Sat)
Visit a shrine. Its purified ground will set your mind free.

■2.11 (Sun)
It’s a day that you want to try doing something new. An immediate action is essential.

■2.12 (Mon)
You should follow your instincts today. The more you work actively, the more you feel refreshed.

■2.13 (Tue)
It’s a lucky day for you. People understand your strong will and would provide the stage for you.

■2.14 (Wed)
If you approach someone special, select a premium, authenticity-oriented chocolate.

■2.15 (Thu)
It’s the time that you aim for a higher status. Buy yourself a high-quality item as a reward.


weekly lucky song>>2012Spark
ポルノグラフィティ/PORNO GRAFFITTI(2012/2/8)

■2.16 (Fri)
Enjoy sensitive fashion by selecting clothes based on their comfort and materials, rather than their appearance.

■2.17 (Sat)
You can gather sensitive information today. Share it with everyone through social media.

■2.18 (Sun)
Visit a trendy spot with a friend who loves something new.

■2.19 (Mon)
Contact your childhood friend. Chatting about old days will cheer you up.

■2.20 (Tue)
Remodel your room using your favorite page of an interior magazine as a reference.

■2.21 (Wed)
Your cheerful attitude surely brightens up people around you. Always keep that attitude.

■2.22 (Thu)
Your presence is increased today. It’s a good opportunity to aggressively market yourself.


weekly lucky song>>Venus
タッキー&翼/TACKEY & TSUBASA(2006/1/18)

■2.23 (Fri)
Behave with as much pride and confidence as if you were playing a lead role today.

■2.24 (Sat)
If you go on a healthy diet that isn’t excessive, now is the time to start.

■2.25 (Sun)
A slightly bold fashion suits you perfectly today.

■2.26 (Mon)
Sit back and enjoy a travel show while making your next travel plan.

■2.27 (Tue)
To be blessed with wonderful friends, you need to place yourself in their position and give your love.

■2.28 (Wed)
Learn from charismatic people and absorb the essence.

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