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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(12月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>Love Me All Over

■12.1 (Fri)
The person who you met on social media may bring a change.

■12.2 (Sat)
Take a break to overcome the year-end bustle. Maintain your body’s condition.

■12.3 (Sun)
Keeping balance matters the most. You need both work and play.

■12.4 (Mon)
You will finally realize what is most important. Follow your instinct.

■12.5 (Tue)
Relax your shoulders. You can’t lightly step forward with tension.

■12.6 (Wed)
Imagine yourself gaining what you want, and it will become a reality.

■12.7 (Thu)
You will find a great learning method or feel improvement in your memory. It’s a day to make good progress with study.


weekly lucky song>>in the Name of Love
今井絵理子/ERIKO IMAI(2000/11/22)

■12.8 (Fri)
It’s the day that you are asked for a lot of advice. Honest opinions will be appreciated.

■12.9 (Sat)
Display one gorgeous rose in you room to increase your luck.

■12.10 (Sun)
Go selecting Christmas gifts for your family members.

■12.11 (Mon)
It’s a day to nurture your love. Enjoy the private time being alone together.

■12.12 (Tue)
You should choose Christmas gifts today as your taste becomes refined.

■12.13 (Wed)
A pleasant event awaits you today. It’s the time to receive a lot of love.

■12.14 (Thu)
Your body is about to scream at the hecticness. Take a break when you can.


weekly lucky song>>O.R.I.O.N.
三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE/3rd GENERATION J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE(2014/12/10)

■12.15 (Fri)
Your pet will heal your tiredness for the week. Also check cute animal videos.

■12.16 (Sat)
Your daily routine will see a good change.

■12.17 (Sun)
You might feel jealous of someone. Note that spectacular success is always supported by behind-the-scenes effort.

■12.18 (Mon)
The relationship with your partner will enter a new phase. Having a good discussion is key.

■12.19 (Tue)
Join your hands and chant a prayer to appreciate your ancestors.

■12.20 (Wed)
It’s the day that you can pour your warmth into others’ hearts.

■12.21 (Thu)
It’s the time to get support from influential people. Refrain from thoughtless behaviors.


weekly lucky song>>BLADE CHORD
abingdon boys school(2007/12/5)

■12.22 (Fri)
You will benefit from someone who can help you study a specialized area.

■12.23 (Sat)
Beautiful illumination will boost the fantastic ambience of your date.

■12.24 (Sun)
You may have an opportunity to find out your unexpected talent.

■12.25 (Mon)
Measure the achievement of objectives and list the areas to improve for next year.

■12.26 (Tue)
Try to develop a business plan where everyone can have a dream.  Have a higher goal.
「みんなが夢を持てる仕事の内容も考えてみては? より高い目標を」

■12.27 (Wed)
It’s the time that you receive lots of invitations for year-end parties. Make sure to express your continued gratitude to your friends and colleagues.

■12.28 (Thu)
You will meet many people. Keep in mind that different people have different thoughts.


weekly lucky song>>Last Song
Girls Dead Monster starring marina(2010/12/8)

■12.29 (Fri)
It’s the time that your fatigue bubbles to the surface. Take good care of your body.

■12.30 (Sat)
Organize the stuff that you are not normally using. Discard the things you haven’t used for a year.

■12.31 (Sun)
Spend the end of the year in your own way. You don’t have to care about what other people might think in your private time.

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