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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(12月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>Prototype
石川智晶/CHIAKI ISHIKAWA(2008/12/3)

■12.1 (Fri)
Take time to recover yourself when you are driven by emotion. You need to be a little calculating today.

■12.2 (Sat)
You tend to be loose with your wallet. Be careful not to eat and drink too much.

■12.3 (Sun)
Don’t sneak out at lunch but ask everyone to join you.

■12.4 (Mon)
If you feel nervous, visit the place you’ve been wanting to go.

■12.5 (Tue)
You may be hooked on a mobile app. Exercise moderation.

■12.6 (Wed)
Look into the mirror in your heart. You may find your ideal self.

■12.7 (Thu)
Many words of love are exchanged today. You will have an enchanting moment.


weekly lucky song>>Wonderful & Beautiful

■12.8 (Fri)
Try out a new product. You may become addicted to its convenience.

■12.9 (Sat)
You will naturally fit into what surprised you at first. It’s better to let yourself flow today.

■12.10 (Sun)
Don’t be bothered by a sudden change to the schedule. Handle it with a calm mind.

■12.11 (Mon)
Today, you conceive of many ideas. Make a note of your inspirations.

■12.12 (Tue)
Good news might come. It seems to be worth considering positively.

■12.13 (Wed)
You feel something is wrong about the status quo. Maybe your heart starts changing.

■12.14 (Thu)
Today, you feel like spending your free time. It seems better to act alone.


weekly lucky song>>WON'T BE LONG
EXILE&倖田來未/EXILE & KUMI KODA(2006/11/22)

■12.15 (Fri)
The most unexpected things may suddenly happen and blow your mind.

■12.16 (Sat)
It’s the day to wrap up your work over the year. Add a little spice to it as a finishing touch.

■12.17 (Sun)
It’s the day that your wish is fulfilled with support from people who understand you.

■12.18 (Mon)
Turn your attention to the outside world. Put the focus on unfamiliar things.

■12.19 (Tue)
You will receive support and make good progress with your work today. This is a testament to your popularity.

■12.20 (Wed)
When you have something to decide, choose the fresh option.

■12.21 (Thu)
You reach a turning point in your career. Be ready for it.


weekly lucky song>>Dreaming I was dreaming
安室奈美恵/NAMIE AMURO(1997/11/27)

■12.22 (Fri)
You will have more opportunities to meet your friends. Actively take part in parties.

■12.23 (Sat)
Make as much time as possible to spend with your friends. You will be able to gather good information.

■12.24 (Sun)
A sense of holiness brings peace to your mind. Share that peaceful mood with others.

■12.25 (Mon)
The busy season will finish soon. Ask your colleagues for help, instead of taking everything into your own hands.

■12.26 (Tue)
Think about ways to actively develop the areas you are good at.

■12.27 (Wed)
You may want to prioritize your own will, but refrain from solitary activity.

■12.28 (Thu)
Reflect on this year and make a 100-item wish list for next year.


weekly lucky song>>WANT!

■12.29 (Fri)
It’s better to think carefully whether it’s really necessary before you buy.

■12.30 (Sat)
Maintain your wallet in thanks for its one-year service. Polish it carefully.

■12.31 (Sun)
Visit your neighborhood shrine to express your gratitude for the blessings of this year.

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