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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(12月1日〜31日)



weekly lucky song>>BANDAGE

■12.1 (Fri)
You may encounter a fun event today. Gather information on the internet.

■12.2 (Sat)
It’s better to stay home and relax to relieve your tiredness.

■12.3 (Sun)
Don’t keep going until you are exhausted. Learn to pace yourself.

■12.4 (Mon)
You may mix up your feeling with others’. Think calmly.

■12.5 (Tue)
Start gathering ideas on Christmas presents for your precious people.

■12.6 (Wed)
There is an event where your advice will be appreciated.

■12.7 (Thu)
If you look forward to your future, you can also find something meaningful.


weekly lucky song>>a song is born
浜崎あゆみ&KEIKO/AYUMI HAMASAKI & KEIKO(2001/12/12)

■12.8 (Fri)
Things may develop in an ideal way. Have a nice and polite attitude to capture the opportunity.

■12.9 (Sat)
Let’s party. Good fortune will gather at lively spots.

■12.10 (Sun)
A fancy brand item is your lucky charm. Just stepping into the shops which sell those items is good.

■12.11 (Mon)
Today you will have a good conversation on geeky topics. Go to dinner with friends who have the same hobby.

■12.12 (Tue)
Try fashion which mixes the old and the new.

■12.13 (Wed)
Remember that freedom is always accompanied by obligations.

■12.14 (Thu)
Important clues lay in the images you saw or the words you heard in your dreams.


weekly lucky song>>R.I.P./Merry Christmas
BUMP OF CHICKEN(2009/11/25)

■12.15 (Fri)
You may find a very sophisticated item while you are organizing your belongings.

■12.16 (Sat)
Go shopping for a dress and cosmetics for a party.

■12.17 (Sun)
People are gathering around you. You will shine in the middle of the circle.

■12.18 (Mon)
A new door will be open to you. You start feeling light on your feet from today.

■12.19 (Tue)
You feel your spirit emerge to gain what you’ve wanted. It’s a very passionate feeling.

■12.20 (Wed)
Discover your hidden talent. It may serve other people.

■12.21 (Thu)
You will feel satisfaction not only mentally but also materially. Nurture a keen eye for authenticity.


weekly lucky song>>Addicted To You
宇多田ヒカル/HIKARU UTADA(1999/11/10)

■12.22 (Fri)
Join an event of the shop that you hesitated to step into.

■12.23 (Sat)
It will be good to spend time with your close people. Have dinner with them at your usual place.

■12.24 (Sun)
It’s a special day. Wear some jewelry to add sparkle and go out on the town.

■12.25 (Mon)
Prepare for a major year-end cleaning, beginning with organizing your desk.

■12.26 (Tue)
Create a comfortable environment. You can change your interior decoration.

■12.27 (Wed)
A great event awaits you today. You will make good progress with creative work.

■12.28 (Thu)
It’s a good day to make plans for an enjoyable year-end and New Year holidays.


weekly lucky song>>Robot

■12.29 (Fri)
Unexpected odd jobs may prevent you from keeping on schedule. But you don’t need to rush.

■12.30 (Sat)
You want to stay away from the bustle of the year-end and spend a quiet time reading a book.

■12.31 (Sun)
Welcome the New Year with your precious person alone. The bond between you will grow deeper.

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