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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(10月1日〜31日)




weekly lucky song>>Sexy,Free & Single/SUPER JUNIOR(2012/8/22)

■10.1 (Sun)
Give a helping hand to someone in need.

■10.2 (Mon)
Maintain yourself. Add a facial pack to your daily skincare routine.

■10.3 (Tue)
Sowing seeds for the future is important even though it takes time to bear fruit.

■10.4 (Wed)
Improve yourself today. Hang around with knowledgeable friends.

■10.5 (Thu)
Balance your work and private. You can convey your feeling in no matter position.


weekly lucky song>>Come close to me/上原多香子(1999/9/29)

■10.6 (Fri)
Choose a treat from imported wares to reward your hard work.

Have a relaxing time with your friends. Going to a planetarium is recommended.

■10.8 (Sun)
You'll spend a great time at a cultural class. Enjoy it!

■10.9 (Mon)
Today you will have a good conversation with your family. Be careful not to stay up too late.

■10.10 (Tue)
The year to learn the importance of learning, experiencing, and enjoying love begins.

■10.11 (Wed)
If you cannot travel right now, make a plan. You will be able to realize the plan soon.

■10.12 (Thu)
You will be more popular today. Your personality gathers people close to you.


weekly lucky song>>BE HERO/風男塾(2014/9/24)

■10.13 (Fri)
Go home early. Communication with your family is the best medicine for your fatigue.

■10.14 (Sat)
Don’t compare with others. Consider buying the furniture you’ve wanted. Surround yourself with your favorite things.

■10.15 (Sun)
Eat what your body appreciates. Choose seasonal or local ingredients.

■10.16 (Mon)
Check if your IC card is charged in preparation for a sudden journey

■10.17 (Tue)
Today, you feel like reading a romance novel. Learn some lovely lines to express love.

■10.18 (Wed)
Rearrange your room. Or at least make a list of things you need for your new room.

■10.19 (Thu)
You may stumble upon good news about your favorite artist.


weekly lucky song>>TABOO/倖田來未(2008/10/8)

■10.20 (Thu)
Today, the matter related to your place in the world will be in a new cycle.

■10.21 (Sat)
Your romantic luck will increase today. Go out in a trendy autumn/winter look.

■10.22 (Sun)
The winner is always the person who enjoy it the most. You may need to be a bit more self-centered.

■10.23 (Mon)
Give a foot massage to yourself to prevent swelling.

■10.24 (Tue)
The matters regarding your abode tend to see a change. Adjust yourself according to it.

■10.25 (Wed)
Give it a try first. It’s not too late to decide after.

■10.26 (Thu)
You may be swayed by other people’s feelings. React to them calmly.


weekly lucky song>>Melty Love/SHAZNA(1997/8/27)

■10.27 (Fri)
Make eye contact when you talk to others so that they can tell you are serious and trust them.

■10.28 (Sat)
A deep relationship with someone might begin. What you will learn from the relationship is also important.

■10.29 (Sun)
You can have a great day thanks to everyone’s cooperation. Count on them.

■10.30 (Mon)
You may receive a pleasant gift from someone. That gift may be intangible. 

■10.31 (Tue)
It’s a good day to do what you feel is enjoyable all the way.

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