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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(10月1日〜31日)




weekly lucky song>>A(エー)/RAINBOW(2011/9/14)

■10.1 (Sun),
A secret may come your way. Keep it to yourself.

■10.2 (Mon)
Your inner feelings will emerge. Do not push yourself too hard.

■10.3 (Tue)
Today will be a great day.Keep your own pace.

■10.4 (Wed)
You’d better not to insist on having your own way, as you tend to garner attention today.

■10.5 (Thu)
Avoid an impulse shopping. It’s better to release your stress by other means.


weekly lucky song>>LOVE & TRUTH/YUI(2007/9/26)

■10.6 (Fri)
Have some mint tea to freshen your mouth when you eat too many sweets.

Cheer yourself up by talking to a positive person.

■10.8 (Sun)
It’s the day that you will flower into your kind, healing attribute. But don’t be too nice to everyone otherwise someone special to you might take it wrongly.

■10.9 (Mon)
It’s a day to invest or throw in first, to get amazing things later.

■10.10 (Tue)
Events that will lead you to travel and explore the new world will start to happen today.

■10.11 (Wed)
You’ll be enthusiastic about relationships. You need to understand others even when you argue with them.

■10.12 (Thu)
Enjoying yourself is the top priority. The rest will follow.


weekly lucky song>>I Wish For You/EXILE(2010/10/6)

■10.13 (Fri)
If you lose something, think of it as an investment that will return to you in a different form someday.

■10.14 (Sat)
Your aura gives you a natural appeal and may draw attention around you.

■10.15 (Sun)
Use your holiday to get a massage or relax in a spa.

■10.16 (Mon)
Adorn your room with your favorite flowers. The scent of flowers will heal you.

■10.17 (Tue)
Join a cross-industrial social event. You may get useful information or make some connections.

■10.18 (Wed)
Practice meditation with your favorite aroma when you realize your emotional pain.

■10.19 (Thu)
Let yourself feel relief. Make sure to find a good way to release stress.


weekly lucky song>>PLEASE SMILE AGAIN/安室奈美恵(2000/10/4)

■10.20 (Thu)
It’s a day that a new world begins from what you received from others.

■10.21 (Sat)
Go on an overnight trip for your holiday to somewhere you can see autumn leaves or other stunning views.

■10.22 (Sun)
Take in the air of the grounds of a sacred shrine to charge your energy. Don’t forget to appreciate the blessing.

■10.23 (Mon)
Your goal has raised higher. Consider it carefully and take the chance.

■10.24 (Tue)
You’ll have many opportunities to receive something important to you.

■10.25 (Wed)
Upload some romantic posts on social media. You’ll receive unexpected, interesting reactions.

■10.26 (Thu)
Go for dinner with the usual members. A moderate amount of alcohol is good.


weekly lucky song>>You Go Your Way/CHEMISTRY(2001/10/11)

■10.27 (Fri)
Don’t be afraid to be happy. Go with your own appeal.

■10.28 (Sat)
You may come up with romantic words. Write them down in a notebook.

■10.29 (Sun)
Prioritize your health condition when you make plans. You can take a whole day to charge your energy.

■10.30 (Mon)
Take care of your feet thoroughly. If you find swelling of your foot, also massage it.

■10.31 (Tue)
You are in a romantic mood. A perfect day to spend with your lover.

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