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今日のあなたの“ラッキーソング”は? オリコン英語星占い(10月1日〜31日)




weekly lucky song>>Beautiful World/Kiss & Cry/宇多田ヒカル(2007/8/29)

■10.1 (Sun)
A circle of your friends and social networking will bring you a luck.

■10.2 (Mon)
Your curiosity will grow. Try whatever you are interested in.

■10.3 (Tue)
Have some time on your own and relax.

■10.4 (Wed)
Keep your desk clean and organized. Making a comfortable environment is key to increasing your business luck.

■10.5 (Thu)
It’s a good day to make a presentation plan with friends who have common interests.


weekly lucky song>>Sweet Mom/柴咲コウ(2005/10/5)

■10.6 (Fri)
Have some dishes using olive oil to cleanse your body.

Having a counseling session could be a way to soothe your mind.

■10.8 (Sun)
Enlarge your circle of contacts. You’ll find your stage in that circle today.

■10.9 (Mon)
It’s a good time to make new friends. Be aggressive to talk to people.

■10.10 (Tue)
It’s time to face the things concealed beneath your consciousness.

■10.11 (Wed)
Today you will be passionate to take on a challenge towards your goal.

■10.12 (Thu)
There seems to be someone waiting for your advice. Probe the person in a casual way.


weekly lucky song>>Beautiful life/GAME/福山雅治(2012/10/10)

■10.13 (Fri)
It’s a good opportunity for your circle of contacts to expand. Join a drinking party or some kind of party.

■10.14 (Sat)
Your friends will bring you a luck. Participate in gatherings actively.

■10.15 (Sun)
Go on a hot spring trip. Even a nearby spot can charge your energy.

■10.16 (Mon)
If your work is too busy to cook for yourself, go out to eat pasta tonight.

■10.17 (Tue)
Follow your instinct. You should make a snap decision even during lunch.

■10.18 (Wed)
Go out to eat a delicious meal with your friends. You'll have a great time.

■10.19 (Thu)
Try to boost your energy both mentally and physically so that you can prepare for the next stage.


weekly lucky song>>X X X/L’Arc〜en〜Ciel(2011/10/12)

■10.20 (Thu)
A new development starts to occur to the group activity you belong to.

■10.21 (Sat)
Your accumulated fatigue will bubble to the surface. Lay back.

■10.22 (Sun)
You may be able to set a new goal inspired by what you felt during a weekend. Get to work on the goal from the beginning of next week.

■10.23 (Mon)
It’s the day to follow your heart and challenge a variety of things.

■10.24 (Tue)
It’s the phase that opportunities to open a new trail in your life will arrive. Grab it.

■10.25 (Wed)
Your idea starts to take form. Never give up.

■10.26 (Thu)
Luck with money will increase. Buy a lottery ticket without any ambition.


weekly lucky song>>arden/Sugar Soul feat.Kenji(1999/9/8)

■10.27 (Fri)
Deal with a sudden event without panic. Flexibility is key.

■10.28 (Sat)
Help your juniors to develop their skills. You can build a long-lasting relationship with them.

■10.29 (Sun)
Visit the place that makes you feel like slipping back to the old days. Even a nearby spot will do.

■10.30 (Mon)
Today, you become aware of the appreciation of someone who always supports you.

■10.31 (Tue)
Impatience will get you nowhere today. Surrender yourself to the flow of life.

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